Laad Holdings is a 20 year old boutique investment firm that is charged with deploying capital for a select group of family offices. Our investors are located in New York, San Francisco and Miami. We are focused on private equity and early stage investing. 

We are most excited about working with companies where we can add substantial value by helping other owners and management overcome operational challenges and achieve new levels of growth and success. We are typically focused on middle market businesses with strong management in growing markets.

We strive to provide long-term value to our families by discovering under appreciated companies or assets where returns are not correlated to public markets.

We are actively building alternative investment strategies and seek entrepreneurs that have built a business and now want to ‘take it to the next level’. We don't only measure managements' achievements in short-term financial results but respect the full process of running a business - we have done it ourselves and understand the value of perseverance. 

Transformative Investing


Getting next level value from innovative companies and technologies is our aim. For most companies, money is a commodity and sourcing it for promising transactions wont be hard: however, we feel that creativity, time and reputation are paramount if you want to increase your odds of success and get to even higher levels of success and loftier valuations--we bring those in abundance. If you’ve fundraised before, you know that most private equity and venture firms are part of the herd. We’re not.


We have completed over 20 investment transactions in the past ten years with emphasis on energy, healthcare, real estate and technology.  We look at companies or assets that may be in transition where our experience with turn-arounds, not just funding, can make a big difference.  Our sweet spot is from $500K to $10Million in any particular transaction. We are not geographically constrained and look at  early stage or venture deals from $250K to $750K per transaction. We are typically the lead investor and get involved before large private equity or venture firms take notice.


At LAAD we invest in very few companies in order to build deep relationships with founders and executive teams. We want to be a CEO’s first call when there are tough questions, a big win, or a pending crisis. We know from experience that actions speak louder than words. We provide directional guidance but also bring deep knowledge in key areas such as technology, marketing, product development, business models, pricing, team building, recruiting, fundraising, M&A, digital media and more.


Get in Touch

Email: info@laad.com
Phone: (415) 409-8675

If you have a company or asset and are an experienced entrepreneur or are an interested strategic partner or investor looking to change the world, please get in touch.